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Tech Info

Bulleye LNB modification for external clocking
By: Jean Marc Momple (3B8DU)
28/03/2021 – Updated: 26/09/2023. Click below PDF download.

3B8GL Ashwin has shared his experience on setting-up for EWS-G1 (GOES-13) weather satellite imagery reception. Click below PDF download.

Satellites Database

Shared by Jean Marc 3B8DU 29 June 2002, particularly useful for those using SatPC-32, latest Doppler.SQF (text file with frequencies and mode) updated with some new satellites. The file contains data for many satellites. Even if you are not using SatPC32 it may be useful to update your own database.


Set-up for QO-100

Ashwin 3B8GL has kindly forwarded the details of his installation, click on this link to view/download.

Updated AMSAT QO-100 Bandplan

An introduction to QO-100 can be viewed on this link.

A Simplified Tutorial to receive MIR-SAT1 by 3B8BBD Vickram click this link to view.

Vickram 3B8BBD submitted the below plan for UHF antenna build. This was used in various school projects initiated by 3B8DU and 3B8BBE. Click this link for article on school project.

New QO-100 Emergency Frequency (click on pic to enlarge)

In order to coordinate potential emergency communications during the actual or any other crisis, the following frequency will be assigned as international emergency frequency on QO-100 NB Transponder:

Downlink: 10489.860 MHz
Uplink: 2400.360 MHz
SSB channel: max. 2.7kHz bandwidth

All users on QO-100 are encouraged to monitor this frequency, but keep it clear for emergency traffick.

3B8 Repeaters: In Mauritius, there is a crossband FM VHF-UHF repeater network in operation which also links to Reunion Island. For information on how to access this network please contact the Secretariat (see contact page) to obtain the instruction manual.

Tech report 23/03/2019 from Jean Marc 3B8DU, work done:

  1. Changed the UHF link frequency from 431.675 to 433.500 Mhz. The results seem positive and no more noise “tail” noticed on Grand Bassin anymore. We need to observe, for a few weeks, to confirm that this long outstanding issue affecting the guys in the South is now closed.
  2. Repaired Bar le Duc which is now back on the air. The issue was a loose connection on the neutral line into the distribution bus in the repeater cabinet.
  3. Changed the faulty fan at Trou au Cerfs.
  4. Left on all sites a spare fan.
  5. Removed temporary antenna provided by Clive 3B8CW at Trou aux Cerfs.

With thanks to Jean Marc (3B8DU), Ismet (3B8DM) and Patrick (3B8GF) who laboured from 10:00Hrs to 18:00Hrs for their great team work.

3B8 Cross Band Repeater – the link with Salazie has been disabled bringing control back to MARS. This temporary solution has prevented further QRM generated from mainland France. Those still interested in using the facility for making DX QSOs with mainland France should send an email to the Secretariat indicating their preferences for times of day to use the system.

3B8DU – introduction to Satellite QSO by the MARS Satellite group. Tests carried out by the group, equipment used, antenna, satellites, tips (click to read the PDF presentation). 

2M Half-Wave Flower Pot Antenna – click this link to view construction details.

Al Williams WD5GNR writes on Hackaday about receiving the Amateur Radio satellites and how to make contacts. How hard is it to build a ground station to communicate with people via a satellite? Click this link for informa`tion.

QRP FT8 – Operating tips especially useful for the B licence ops. Click on this link to read.

QRP Frequencies, Centre of Activity. Click this link for list.

Radio Amateur Satellites & Ground Stations presentation by Jean Marc 3B8DU at Infotech 2018. Click this link to read PDF document.

Practical “low cost” receiving ground station. Joint submission by Mauritius Research Council and Jean Marc 3B8DU. Click this link to read PDF document.

Vidéo MIRSAT1 MBC Reportage 07/08/2018 – First Mauritian Infrared Satellite (MIRSAT1) for KiboCUBE 2018 Program. Click this link to view.

Es’Hail 2 (QO-100) Operating Guide From AMSAT DL Website. Click this link to read PDF document.

Radio Amateurs & Satellites by Jean Marc Momplé (3B8DU). Click this link to read PDF document.

Low cost Ground Station project for MIR-SAT 1 By Jean Marc Momplé (3B8DU). Click this link to read PDF document.