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Class B Exam Procedure

Prior to 2010 there was no organisation accredited to conduct Radio Amateur exam in Mauritius. After representation made by MARS an MOU was signed between ICTA and MARS in Oct 2009 for the conduct of Class B Radio amateur exam. The first batch of trainees sat for the exam in Sep 2010 since then 46 trainees has taken the exam and have passed. Since Oct 2020 MARS has also been accredited to carry out the Class A exam and hopefully the first batch of trainees will take the exam in Sep 2022. The Amateur Radio Licence is a two tier system in Mauritius it is therefore a prerequisite to clear the class B exam before attempting the class A.

To become a Radio Amateur the incumbent must hold a valid radio Licence issued by ICTA after having passed the required exam.

(1) To sit for the Class B exam the prospective candidate must fill in a form and register themselves as a trainee with MARS and pay the required registration fee, the application for membership form may be download (here) and the exam registration form (here).

(2) The Class B syllabus is available (here)

(3) Books to help with training may be available on loan from MARS, or ordered directly from the RSGB library (link here)

(4) An online course is also available free, you may consult and register (here)

(5) Other important information required for courses can be found in the Class A and B licence sections on ICTA site (link here)

(6) Exams are usually conducted once a year in September. Prior to the exam, the prospective candidate must undergo a practical assessment, and formally register for the exam. The candidate will be then given an Index number and other relevant information such as the date, time and venue of the examination.


Mauritius Amateur Radio RA23 (Class A)

There are three documents available below. One is the Class A Student Reference Booklet and the other the Class A examination Syllabus and also the registration form.

(1) The Mauritius Amateur Radio RA23 (Class A) Student Reference Booklet. In this Booklet you will find information regarding the Syllabus sections as well where to find its respective resources. Click on this link to view or download this PDF document.

(2) Class A Radio Amateur Examination Syllabus and Study Framework. The Mauritius Class A Radio Amateur Examination is based on the principles of the Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate (HAREC), as recommended by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). Click on this link to view or download the PDF document. 

(3) MARS Radio Amateur Class A Course Examination Training Notes. 132 pages. click on this link to view or download the PDF document.

(4) Registration form for the Class A Radio Amateur Examination, click this link.

(5) A free online course for the Class A/RA23 Radio Amateur Examination is available on this link (click here).

Other important information required on the licence can be found in the Class A and B licence sections on ICTA site (link here).

For visiting Hams wishing to operate in Mauritius, information on obtaining a visitor licence (click to view PDF document).