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MARS Agenda

In a Forum message the MARS President, Jean Marc 3B8DU, outlined future schedules and the overall vision for the Mauritius Amateur Radio Society. In the message the emphasis was on… Read More »MARS Agenda

WARCA Contest Ratings

WARCA 3B8 rating year 2021-2022 WARCA 3B8 rating year 2020-2021 WARCA (World Amateur Radio Contesting Association) is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Brunnen, Switzerland. It was organized by a… Read More »WARCA Contest Ratings

3B9 Expedition

Latest news about our Expedition to Rodriguez Island (3B9), locator is MH10QH. Tickets have already been booked, the date is from the 5th to the 9th of August 2022. We… Read More »3B9 Expedition

Portable Team

On 28th of May 2022, the portable team will be at LA CAMBUSE in preparation for an expedition to Rodrigues Island where they will setup three portable and one HF… Read More »Portable Team


MIR-SAT1, the first Mauritian nano satellite in orbit on 22 June 2021, has now re-entered the atmosphere between 01:36 and 05:03 Hrs and burnt out at around 110Km in a… Read More »RIP MIR-SAT1