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IEEE Radio 2023 Conference

MARS received information from Rashid 3B8FP through his contact Misko YT7MPB/YU7BPQ that the 8th edition of the IEEE RADIO international conference will be held at The Ravenala Attitude Hotel in Balaclava, Mauritius from Monday 1st to Thursday 4th May 2023.

Misko, YT7MPB will present HAM radio data transmission on the first day Monday 1st May afternoon session dedicated to HAM radio. Misko has already uploaded his Abstract to IEEE. Patrice 3B8FA and Jean Marc 3B8DU will meet Misko some days prior to the conference to offer assistance, if required. Also, to assist Misko with his Visitor’s Licence application.

The MARS President, Jean Marc 3B8DU, will present a paper “Radio Amateur GEO satellite communication for emergency communication and education”. The Abstract has already been uploaded on IEEE site and the full paper will be uploaded before the conference. Francois 3B8HI and Patrice 3B8FA will show their portable stations at the conference. The goal of our presentations and activities is to promote HAM Radio. Further information on the conference can be viewed on this link.

Program of the conference available on this link.

Note that Misko is there presenting Data communication on HAM frequencies. Misko YT7MPB/YU7BPQ will be QRV as 3B8YT (special callsign for IEEE RADIO 2023 conference) and 3B8/YT7MPB (as visitor) near Turtle Beach Balaclava from 26/04/2023 to 08/05/2023. Activity is mostly on 20 meters using data modes Pactor 1-4, Robust packet, and HF 300bd packet, mainly for technical demo & test of forwarding capabilities from/to Mauritius. Maybe also some SSB and PSK31 with stations heard. QSL direct only.

Update: Merilyn 3B8BBI did a live demo on QO-100 with Nina DL2GRC.

Photo gallery below click on photos to enlarge.

From left to right 3B8HI, DK8WL and XYL, YT7MPB and 3B8FA at Bois Cheri for tea tasting.