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6M Report

We received a very nice report from JR1LZK Yutaka “Tak” Tasaki regarding signals from three of our active stations on 6M namely, 3B9FR Robert, 3B8CW Clive and 3B8FA Pat. Tak… Read More »6M Report


The CQ Worldwide DX contest CW category results have been published. Team 3B8M ranked very high overall and for the African region thus first for Mauritius. Team 3B8M on their… Read More »2021 CQWW DX CW

3B8M Activation

Olof 3B8HA is back with the 3B8M team ready for the contest. Team 3B8M are QRV for the CQ WW CW contest due on 27-28 November. Look out for them… Read More »3B8M Activation