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6M Report

We received a very nice report from JR1LZK Yutaka “Tak” Tasaki regarding signals from three of our active stations on 6M namely, 3B9FR Robert, 3B8CW Clive and 3B8FA Pat. Tak passed-on his thanks to the three OMs for their service on 6M.

He made the below graph using Excel and arranging JTDX data. There are two sets of data for each. One is 3×7 triangle stack antenna signals in brown, the other is 3×7 triangle stack and Vertical HB9CV phase composing signals in blue (Click on below graphs to enlarge).

The phase composing signals were much better than the original, like max +10dB!! Tak expressed his surprise at this. This system is mainly used for reducing noise and digging possible decoding in digital mode. Usually both data are of a similar level. Tak will keep an eye on this data for possible investigation should it happen again.

TAK closes by “See you on The Magic Band soon“.