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AMSAT-FR Presentation

The presentation made by Jean Marc 3B8DU to the Cinquième Rencontre Spatial Radioamateur 7 et 8 mai 2022 of AMSAT-FR is available PDF document “MIR-SAT1 (MO-112) rétrospective” in FR and… Read More »AMSAT-FR Presentation

AMSAT Presentation

Jean Marc 3B8DU will make a presentation to AMSAT Francophone on the 7th of May 2022 presenting the MIR-SAT 1 mission and involvement of Radio Amateurs. The presentation will be… Read More »AMSAT Presentation

Satellites Paper

“Radio Amateur Satellites And Assistance to Humanity“, Jean Marc Momplé, 3B8DU and an AMSAT Ambassador published this article in the Institution of Engineers Mauritius (IEM) Journal, March 2021. This article… Read More »Satellites Paper

News features


Another first for 3B8 land. On 2 September 2020, Patrice 3B8FA and Jean Marc 3B8DU made their first QSO through the new International Space Station (ISS) FM repeater, V/U (145.990/437.800… Read More »ISS QSOs

URGENT QO-100 Users

Urgent Message from AMSAT ForumAt 05:25-05:33 UTC, 2019-09-22 Alarms were triggered in the Es’hailSat satellite control center in Qatar due to High Power uplink on the NB transponder! Considering the safety of… Read More »URGENT QO-100 Users