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Crozet Is. Assistance

You may have contacted Thierry (FT8WW) on QO-100 who is on Crozet island, his dxpedition there was planned with many school contacts in France mainly to inspire students about Crozet Island’s fragile ecosystem and also HAM radio. The arranged contacts were due to be based on ARISS protocol for Q&A sessions. However, a recent storm destroyed the QO-100 station installed at the Alfred Faure scientific station in the Crozet archipelago jeopardizing the school contacts due to lack of a QO-100 link.

To save the situation and not disappoint the students which were really motivated as they had prepared themselves for Months in advance (same as any ISS school contact), the French Radio Amateur association of Lyon and AMSAT France turned to help from MARS to which we immediately responded positively. Basically all the questions and answers from scientists on Crozet were provided to Jean Marc (3B8DU) and he will reply/relay same to the students. Two sessions are already scheduled namely Friday 03 March with Collège Saint Thomas d’Aquin de Mornant and next Thursday 9th March 2023 at 1330hrs with Ecole Marie Curie d’Oullins near Lyon. Some more schools may also be involved in the future.

Follow this event on QO-100, NB on 10489.880 MHZ USB at around 16:30 Hrs local time. Also available on the WB transponder on 333Ks DATV on 10499.000 MHz, probably starting about 1hr before until the closure of the event. We request that you do not call or interfere with the event’s QSO. As an alternative you may use the links to follow same on the internet. Patrice (3B8FA) will also try to record the exchanges on QO-100 and post same on You-tube. Other HAMs in Europe will also try and links will be shared when available.

PA3FBX – BATC Live Streaming :

ON1RC – Web Live Streaming :

Another great adventure for us which is a good example of worldwide cooperation and friendship between the HAM communities for the benefit of students globally.

Click this link to view video for contact with Collège Saint Thomas d’Aquin de Mornant

General information on FT8WW Crozet Is. dxpedition on this link

Link to Vidéo Marie Curie 09 03 2023 13h25 20