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Video 3B7M DXpedition

Video from YouTube of the 3B7M Saint Brandon DXpedition of February-March 2023. Shows the difficulties encountered by the Slovak and Czech team in their activation efforts, high winds, storm. 16… Read More »Video 3B7M DXpedition

Ham Visitor

Christophe F8PMO and his XYL Laetitia visited the Jean Marc 3B8DU QTH during their stay on the island. They had the opportunity of exchanges of ideas and experiences. Photo below.

HAMChallenge 2023

The International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (IARU) is introducing HAMChallenge 2023. Amateur Radio is about fun, radio communications, technology, experimentation, self-training, friendship and emergency communications. Do you have a… Read More »HAMChallenge 2023

Newly Licensed

MARS is happy to announce that the following candidates have passed their amateur radio examination in February. Marylin Chong (XYL of Francois 3B8HI) passed the Class B Indurdev Luchman 3B8BBB… Read More »Newly Licensed