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Visit of TA8RM

Today, 4 July 2023 Jean Marc 3B8DU was honoured by the visit of Onur (TA8RM) and his XYL at his QTH (see PICs). Onur is a board member of TRAC… Read More »Visit of TA8RM

School Contact

Friday 12 May 2023 at 12:00hrs MUS time Jean Marc 3B8DU and Veronique 3B8BAU had a previously planned contact on QO-100 with students of Alleriot school in France. Alleriot is… Read More »School Contact

6M Report

We received a very nice report from JR1LZK Yutaka “Tak” Tasaki regarding signals from three of our active stations on 6M namely, 3B9FR Robert, 3B8CW Clive and 3B8FA Pat. Tak… Read More »6M Report


Today, 18 April 2023, for the World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) a QO-100 ground station was inaugurated at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) offices in radio amateur station 4U1ITU by… Read More »4U1ITU on WARD