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Silent Key 3B8DA

14 We have been informed of the passing of Alex Mootoo 3B8DA on 31 July 2023. Funeral service held on 1 August 2023 10am at Notre Dame de la Visitation… Read More »Silent Key 3B8DA

Mountain DXpedition

31 Important news received from the MARS portable team announcing a scheduled DXpedition to Le Pouce Mountain on 11th of November 2023 at 6 am POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE… Read More »Mountain DXpedition

Visit of TA8RM

36 Today, 4 July 2023 Jean Marc 3B8DU was honoured by the visit of Onur (TA8RM) and his XYL at his QTH (see PICs). Onur is a board member of… Read More »Visit of TA8RM

School Contact

26 Friday 12 May 2023 at 12:00hrs MUS time Jean Marc 3B8DU and Veronique 3B8BAU had a previously planned contact on QO-100 with students of Alleriot school in France. Alleriot… Read More »School Contact

6M Report

27 We received a very nice report from JR1LZK Yutaka “Tak” Tasaki regarding signals from three of our active stations on 6M namely, 3B9FR Robert, 3B8CW Clive and 3B8FA Pat.… Read More »6M Report