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Jean Marc 3B8DU will be DATV broadcasting on QO-100 for a few days. Theses DATV transmissions are test exercises for his upcoming AMSAT Francophone presentation due next Saturday. The French… Read More »QO-100 DATV

QO-100 Field Day

A QO-100 field day was organized by Francois (3B8BAN) and Patrice (3B8FA) on Saturday 30 April 2022. The location was Buttes a L’Herbe, Grand Gaube. They had 2 QO-100 portable… Read More »QO-100 Field Day

AMSAT Presentation

Jean Marc 3B8DU will make a presentation to AMSAT Francophone on the 7th of May 2022 presenting the MIR-SAT 1 mission and involvement of Radio Amateurs. The presentation will be… Read More »AMSAT Presentation

QO-100 Ready

Ujo 3B8BAL is now up and running on the QO-100 satellite. This was a successful set-up with the help of friends Jean Marc 3B8DU, Patrice 3B8FA and Francois 3B8BAN. See… Read More »QO-100 Ready

QO-100 Installation

François 3B8BAN has ventured into communications with QO-100 satellite. This satellite is the geostationary satellite Es’hail-2 carrying amateur radio transponders. With the installation help of Patrice 3B8FA, Jean Marc 3B8DU and… Read More »QO-100 Installation