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Saturday Field Day

Saturday 7 January 2023 a field day was organised at Bryan’s 3B8BBH QTH in Chemin Grenier. It was an opportunity for François 3B8HI to test his new QO-100 60cms dish… Read More »Saturday Field Day

Educational Outreach

MARS in collaboration with WISS organised an open day at the Westcoast International Secondary School- Cascavelle (WISS) on the 21st July 2022. Judging by the attendance and response to this… Read More »Educational Outreach

Testing Day

On Saturday 9 July 2022 the QO-100 team went portable at “Butte A L’Herbe“, by the North coast, for a day of testing prior to their DXpedition to 3B9 in… Read More »Testing Day

Final Testing

Saturday 9 of July 2022 as at 9 am, the 3B9 DX-pedition team will do a final test, consisting of three QO-100 satellite communication, Jacky 3B8CF and Francois Yeung 3B8BAN… Read More »Final Testing


Jean Marc 3B8DU will be DATV broadcasting on QO-100 for a few days. Theses DATV transmissions are test exercises for his upcoming AMSAT Francophone presentation due next Saturday. The French… Read More »QO-100 DATV