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ARISS and ISS Cancelled

The MARS President, Jean Marc 3B8DU, has informed that the ARISS contact with the ISS has been cancelled after a request for postponement by Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, this is a de facto cancellation and will require a new application before end of March for a scheduled contact next year.

The contact had already been confirmed by ARISS by public notification. The scheduled crewmember allocated was Warren Hoburg KB3HTZ and contact was a go for Thursday 2023-03-02 07:30:01 UTC. All technical matters had also been a go and planned to be installed with the help of the sponsor EMTEL. With all logistics ready MARS and ARISS have fully met their commitments for the school contact.

It is therefore a regretful situation due to the last minute cancellation of the ARISS student contact by Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd (PML). Moreover, it is a major disappointment for local and international HAM’s who have voluntarily invested time and money in the project. We also note the dismay for the students who were super motivated to talk to astronauts in space after numerous rehearsals. It was great team work and a pleasure for MARS to work with the students. We wish wish them the best for the future.