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Repeater Maintenance

9 February 2023 Jean Marc 3B8DU, Ismet 3B8DM and François 3BB8HI were on Signal Mountain for the repeater maintenance. The Signal Mountain area, overlooking Port Louis, houses a repeater that required servicing. François took some photos of the site with the maintenance team at work and even provided coffee to sustain the team.

Jean Marc 3B8DU reported on the fault finding: The power supply was found faulty as the voltage dropped to 8 volts when Txing. It was replaced and all working fine. I suspect that it was damaged by lightning strike on power lines but have no evidence of same.

We also took the opportunity to check the antenna, found good with 1.1:1 SWR, fans etc.. I brought the faulty PSU at my QTH and will try to repair asap.