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Third ARISS Simulation

A third ARISS simulation session by our team with the students of Polytechnics Ltd Mauritius took place on 02 February 2023. See details in previous article on this subject by clicking on this link. Click individual photos below to enlarge.

Report from Jean Marc 3B8DU :

1) The 3rd rehearsal was much better that the previous ones for both students and HAM’s. Thanks to Patrick (3B8GF) and François (3B8HI) to have joined in as back up HAM support for the event.

2) There will be 2 more rehearsals both at PML Rose Belle before the event and the last one will be done with all equipment installed, HAM, sono etc…

3) This project started about 3 years ago, much work for both MARS and PML teams. The students are fully participating and actually doing a great job (including PICS, videos, suggestions etc..), our sponsor EMTEL is also providing great support.

4) We have received confirmation that the ARISS contact is scheduled for 1st week of March with either astronauts Koichi Wakata KI5TMN or Josh Cassada KI5CRH (to be confirmed) on board of the International Space Station (ISS). The exact date and time will be communicated 1 week before the event.

5) 26 students have been trained to date but it is expected that only about 20 of them will be able to ask their questions during the approximate 10 mins passage of the ISS. The students are fully aware that some of them will not be able to talk to an astronaut but also have acknowledged that it is a team work and that the success of the team is more important than the individuals. A draw will be made to select the ranks. However, the last in the draw will have the opportunity to replace any one absent for any reasons, thus all have equal chances.

6) The event will be WEBcasted live by both PML and EMTEL. The links will be communicated upfront.