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President’s Message

Dear All,

2022 has been quite a busy year for me, but also for HAM activities such as first Class A examination (several years of preparation and hard work), social gatherings and field days, MO-112 re-entry, etc.. and 2023 seems to be promising a more busy one, great and thanks to all working on these projects.

As regards the upcoming ARISS contact for students of PML (Polytectnics Mauritius Ltd.) end February which will be a major event, things are moving positively and the whole team is learning many things (students, HAM and teachers). See below ARISS news, students contact in Antarctica and over 1500 schools contact during the past 20 years, really great,…

On behalf of MARS Management Committee I wish you a happy new year 2023. All the best to you and your families.

73 Jean Marc (3B8DU)