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MARS Busy Month

Message from the President

Dear All,

September is a busy month for MARS management committee, we have the Class B licence exams with 3 candidates and for the first time Class A licence exams with 5 candidates on 18/09/2022. I wish success to all candidates. Thanks to all who worked hard for so many years to make the very first Class A licence exam possible. It has not been a simple task as one may think, it required regulatory approval, preparation of the questionnaire, etc..

Moreover, we have the society’s AGM on the 29th of this month. Since we are a small association we need the support of all to survive, not just financially but more importantly with new ideas, participation and voluntary work for the promotion of the hobby. I again appeal to all on the forum to join MARS as members and actively participate. A breakthrough cannot be achieved alone but united and with team work we can do great things.

73 Jean Marc (3B8DU)