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Important Dates

The MARS Secretary has announced the date for the 2022 Class B and Class A examinations as fixed for 18th September 2022 with venue at the EMTEL House Ebene. The times to be advised soon.

Workshop Invitation : In connection with the practical examination for the above mentioned examination, Jean Marc Momple (3B8DU) is organising a workshop at his QTH in Goodland St Antoine on the 13th August 2022.

Important Note: For class B examination candidates, a practical examination is important and attendance to this workshop is mandatory.

Date : 13th August 2022
Time : 13.30 – 16.30
Venue: 28, Petit Village St Antoine, Goodlands.

The proposed program for the practical workshop:

1) Various coaxial plugs and coaxial cable;
2) demonstrated the main functions of a transceiver;
3) how to measure SWR and explain the danger of destroying the PA;
4) safety in the shack, electrical, fire hazard and lightning, mitigation measures;
5) Grounding and bonding in line with 4) above but also to reduce noise level;
6) Ethics and license conditions;
7) basic QSO procedures;
8) demonstration of a real QSO and verbal rehearsal between the candidates.

Please confirm your presence for the workshop by latest Friday noon to the MARS Secretariat.