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Students Visit 3B8DU

On 7 July 2022, M. ZOUBEIR A. A. AUNGNOO, IT Lecturer for Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd, at Reduit, Moka arranged a student field trip to visit the 3B8DU Jean Marc QTH and his amateur radio station. Jean Marc welcomed the students and shared his knowledge and passion for this hobby with them. During the interaction time the students were able to appreciate usage of frequency ranges, types of antennas and satellite communications in action. They were even able to track and communicate with a satellite.

Jean Marc informed the students about the hobby of Amateur Radio, getting the license, focussing on ethics and especially its importance for communications in times of crisis and natural disasters. It is to be noted that this demo and interaction is part of a wider exciting project with a future goal to enable students to talk directly to astronauts on board ISS hopefully next year via Amateur Radio. ARISS has already selected PML (Polytecnics Mauritius Ltd.) as a candidate for a direct contact with ISS, however, this is on a waiting list pending availability of an astronaut and NASA approval.

Jean Marc added that this event will surely spark some motivation within the student group and eventually some of them will be future licensed HAMs. It would be wonderful if some students achieve making direct radio contact with an astronaut in space next year, that would be a lifetime experience for them and motivate them in STEM.

See photos below (click on an image to view enlarged); the group photo at the end of the workshop, the guys are displaying the antenna they built to receive MIR-SAT 1 (MO-112) which enabled them to receive a MARS MIR-SAt 1 Award.