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MARS President’s Message

Dear members of MARS,

First I would like to pay tribute to the numerous volunteers who kept MARS running for decades, their leadership and dedication to promote the hobby, should not be forgotten. Particularly to Jacky (3B8CF) who has retired from the bureau at last AGM after over 27 years of hard work for the society, he has been instrumental in driving the MARS leadership with many great accomplishments over the years, just as examples the 2 most important and visible ones in my opinion:

  • carrying yearly Radio Amateur examinations which enable many of us to obtain a Radio Amateur Licence;
  • the new license regime which open new doors, such as mobile operations, high transmitter power etc… thus creating new interest of on and all in the hobby.

Without all the work of these individuals the hobby activities would have declined slowly but surely and eventually dying on the longer term.

In last year AGM Jacky (3B8CF), on behalf of the Management Committee, called for the younger generation of HAM’s to take more active responsibilities in the affairs of the society but unfortunately there were no candidates.

Thanks to Patrick (3B8GF), this year well before the AGM, he took the initiative to convince and encourage many to take an active role in MARS management, the result is that we now have the desired new blood on MARS Management Committee but importantly also others who have been on it for many years, their guidance and advice to the newcomers will surely ensure continuity. It is important to maintain continuity but it is just as important to welcome change and to adapt to the new technologies.

I look forward to serve alongside the other members of the bureau, with the help of all MARS members we will strive to ensure more successes for the society in the future.


Jean Marc (3B8DU)