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Ground Stations Activity

Satellite interest growing.

Below is a list of 3B8 Ground Stations who uploaded satellite telemetry to Satnogs. Impressive that just in a few months the number of contributors jumped from 2 (3B8FA and 3B8DU) to 14 and more. Probably the highest density worldwide if we compare against population or country size.  Same is true for QO-100. Thanks to MIR-SAT 1 and NOAA’s birds who triggered this new activity.

YOG3B8-LG89ss17992021-09-08 14:47:10
MAUFOX-LG89rr20482021-09-08 07:18:40
3B8DU-LG89ux5704932021-09-08 06:34:23
3B8FV-LG89tn6072021-09-08 06:32:33
3B8BBD-LG89tn3702021-09-08 06:32:32
UDM-RH-LG89rs1992021-09-07 05:48:46
3B8DU-2-LG89ux20232021-09-06 18:56:45
PMLMB-LG89tr3962021-08-31 18:12:01
FSGSSS-LG89sq522021-08-31 18:12:01
3B8FA-LG89sw192662021-08-28 09:14:17
3B8GF-LG89sq2632021-08-27 19:55:47
JKC3B8-LG89rs12682021-08-26 10:52:32
PHRSSS-LG89sv7352021-08-25 11:43:34
3B8BBD-LG89ru12021-07-21 01:01:52
3B8GL-LG89rr22021-06-23 22:03:35
3B8DU-LG89sq4394862020-04-20 14:44:35