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Silver Award Presentation

Forest Side SSS (Girls) is the 1st school in Mauritius to have decoded MIR-SAT1 telemetry on two occasions Saturday 24/07/2021 – see previous article click here. A formal presentation of the Mauritius Amateur Radio Society (MARS) Silver Award took place on 25 August 2021 at the school. Click on photos below to enlarge.

On behalf of the school team, Vickram Mungul, expressed his heartfelt thanks to MARS for bestowing the MIR-SAT1 Silver Award. He further stated that this event had put the students and their efforts in the limelight.

Vickram Mungul expressed the wish to organise an open day for amateur radio at school level to enable students to have contacts with other radio amateurs.

This event was also published in a national newspaper “Le Mauricien” click to view.

The school project was also in the national news TV broadcast on 10 September 2021, view the video French news broadcast on this link, sequence starts at 36:38.