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More Schools Groundstations

The School Professor Hassan Raffa SSS (boys/Terre Rouge) is the second school to have received MIR-SAT 1 satellite. Their first reception was yesterday evening and second one this morning. Unfortunately they are not eligible for a MARS Silver Award as the telemetry could not be uploaded to Satnogns due to an issue with the server in Greece. Hopefully the server issue will be corrected soon and they will be able to try again for the Award.

Congratulations to Harry (the Physics teacher and members of the 3B8 forum) and his team of students, really great that they achieved this. Note that the 3 first ground station kits were donated by radio amateurs and were put together at Hassan Raffa SSS workshop in 2019. This was a pilot project by the students and Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MIRC) team which was a success and extended to other schools with more kits provided to 17 additional educational institution through MRIC. Thanks to Jean Marc 3B8DU for this report.

On Friday 06/08/2021, Vickram 3B8BBD and Jean Marc 3B8DU made a visit to the Polytechnic Mauritius LTD Montagne Blanche campus. Jean Marc and Vickram were there to provide assistance  and coaching in setting up another ground station for this Polytechnic.. This visit was done on a voluntary basis as members of the Mauritius Amateur Radio Society (MARS). This type of activity will give the hobby and our Society more visibility. This will also contribute in the promotion of Amateur Radio in Mauritius. Anyone wishing to assist in these sessions are most welcome, contact Vickram or Jean Marc. Below are some photos of this visit. Our thanks to Vickram 3B8BBD for the report and photos.

The Polytechnic Mauritius LTD (PML) at Montagne Blanche also held an open day showcasing their MIR-SAT1 project. Photos below.