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School Decodes MIR-SAT1

Forest Side SSS (Girls) is the 1st school in Mauritius to have decoded MIR-SAT 1 telemetry on two occasions Saturday 24/07/2021 and uploaded same to Satnogns. Forest Side SSS (Girls) was the second school to be equipped with a simplified ground station donated by Radio Amateurs in 2019 as a pilot project. They have also decoded Meteo satellites (NOAA’s) and received good images from same in the past.

Congratulations to Vikram Mungul (3B8BBD, the Physics teacher) and the team of students. The school is eligible for a MIR-SAT 1 Silver Award offered by the Mauritius Amateur Radio Society (MARS).

The school’s success has been mentioned by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) on the below links.

Also in the local newspaper L’Express, click below image to view.