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Deployment Date

It is now official and already in the Media that MIR-SAT1 will be deployed in space on the 22 of June 2021. Exact overhead time is still to be confirmed but this information can easily be found by tracking the ISS as it will remain very close for a few days.

The two first passes over Mauritius are opportunities to capture MIR-SAT1 signals. The first being at 15:21MUT (highest elevation) with a 14deg. pass and the second at 16.58MUT with a 23 degrees elevation, both are workable. The first will be horizon to horizon (at 3B8DU Jean Marc location) a pass of about 9 mins. The second will be a horizon to horizon pass of about 10 mins. Information received from Jean Marc 3B8DU.

Link to Newspaper Defimedia article.

Link to Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) June 2021 special issue newsletter.