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Ground Station

The MIR-SAT1 Ground Station at MRIC Ebene is taking shape The target is for completion of the installation by end of this week.

The antenna system is using a Spid Big-RAS rotor, a 7 elements circular pol M2 yagi for VHF, a 15 ele. circular pol. yagi for UHF and a 3m dish for S-Band (13cm band). This station is probably the 3rd HAM station to be installed with full azimuth and elevation steering capability on VHF and UHF and the 2nd of microwave bands (as the dish may be use up to 3cm by just changing the feed). 

Note that the Ground Station will have the callsign 3B8MRC and although its main purpose is for MIR-SAT1 it may also be used for many other LEO satellites and with the addition of a 3cm LNB and 13cm PA it could also be used for GEO (QO-100).

The dish will be up by next week and visible at Ebene on the roof of the Ebene Heights building. In this recent below photo are Faraaz (3B8BAY), Kiran (3B8BBE), Kushal (3B8BAX) and Zyaad (3B8BAW). Our thanks to Jean Marc 3B8DU for the report and photo.

See also information on antenna support, click this link.