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School Project

Notice of a school antenna and ground station project.

Vickram Mungul 3B8BMV advises that the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) in collaboration with MARS  will be organising a one week workshop on building a simplified antenna and setting up a ground station for students of 17 schools, The University of Mauritius, Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD). Jean Marc 3B8DU will be leading the workshop. If you would like to participate and give a helping hand just let Vickram know by sending an email to confirm your presence. The council will be providing all the necessary materials for the schools. At the end of the workshop the students will take home a fully functional omni ground station capable of receiving many satellites with the NOAA being chosen as a first objective. The students will also be trained on using all the required software and provided with SDR radios, thus fully equipped to receive signal from space from their respective school. After the workshop, further support will be provided to the students through the MIRC WEB site or by the members of the project team.

Venue: Forest Side Girls S S S
date : 30th November to 4th Dec
Time : 9.00 am to 14.30 pm