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Antenna Workshop

An antenna workshop facilitated by Jean Marc 3B8DU and Patrice 3B8FA.

This workshop held on 21 November 2020 was organised by a team of newly licenced, see left group photo below (click on photos to enlarge); from left to right, Jean Marc 3B8DU sporting a beard, team members: Sheeksha 3B8BBC (coordinator), Dev who is waiting for his callsign to be issued, Vikram 3B8BMV, Kushul 3B8BAX, Kiran also waiting for his callsign and far right Patrice 3B8FA. The OMs Jean Marc 3B8DU and Patrice 3B8FA assisted in a training role.

The participants were able to build and go home with their own dual band VHF/UHF Flower-Pot antenna (3Dbd on VHF and 6Dbd on UHF), tested with SWR max. 1.6:1. 5 Five antennas were made during a 5 hour afternoon session. The parts RG58 coax, PVC pipe were donated by the two facilitators and the in-line sockets were purchased.

A successful workshop which should help the participants get on the repeaters very soon.