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Another first for 3B8 land.

On 2 September 2020, Patrice 3B8FA and Jean Marc 3B8DU made their first QSO through the new International Space Station (ISS) FM repeater, V/U (145.990/437.800 MHz). They reported a strong and clear signal both ways.

On 3 September 2020, it was the turn of Veronique 3B8BAU to have a QSO through the same ISS FM repeater. Probably the first XYL to do so in the region.

Note from AMSAT: Initial operation of the new radio system is in FM cross band repeater mode using an uplink frequency of 145.99 MHz with an access tone of 67 Hz and a downlink frequency of 437.800 MHz. System activation was first observed at 01:02 UTC on September 2. Special operations will continue to be announced.

For more information click on this link for the AMSAT article.

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