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3B8VTC Maintenance

The Trou aux Cerfs X-band repeater was changed today 3 August 2020 for a modified one improving the audio quality. This completes the audio/modulation enhancement exercise started two weeks ago. Previously, two Yaesu FT-8900R were installed at Grand Bassin and Bar le Duc repeaters.

The Signal Mountain Alinco was modified last week and today the Trou aux Cerfs modification was completed. Reports and observations are most welcomed.

There are still two outstanding issues to be resolved :
1. The new interference creating a long tail at end of transmission, in spite of not preventing communication it is still a nuisance.
2. Improving the UHF link between Grand Bassin and Signal Mountain.

Resolving these two issues will restore the network to full operation. The MARS team is actively working on these issues and will update on progress.

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