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Stayhome HF Event


Martti, OH2BH

This is a personal invitation to join me and other fellow STAYHOME operators in the Covid-19 Communications Event this Saturday, 10.00 UTC, for a 24-hour on-going party on 80 thru 10M.


This spring had us facing a series of events that all started while we were in VP2VB and were urgently requested to catch the last flight back home through New York, USA, and ultimately placed us in a 14-day quarantine upon our return to Finland.

Our Telecom had a wonderful idea to have amateur radio operators promote the STAYHOME well-being message over the airwaves with no restrictions or distancing limitations. Soon after, all home-based folks at home and abroad were on their radios in full force and human contacts got underway in huge numbers. It was no surprise that more than thirty other countries joined the mission while back here in Finland the operator roster soon rose to one hundred and the QSO numbers ramped up to a record high 100.000!

But now 2 months later, many counties are slowly re-opening and hoping that no second wave of the pandemic would hit us. The STAYHOME messages are slowly turning into STAYSAFE. This is not the case everywhere yet, but hopefully very soon. In the meantime, we send all our thoughts to those who still suffer.

This Saturday is our virtual farewell dinner (symbolic) for STAHOME people in thousands. We are all gathering globally to salute each other with the hopes that the worse is already behind us. We are slowly returning to happier times and our daily chores.

Why don’t you join our radio party with your radio? Your status is such that we all wish to say hello to you in this once-in-a-lifetime unique event. Come as you are, hopefully happy and healthy, as we do not have a dress code or other formalities.

See you this Saturday, we remain.

Martti, OH2BH  op. OH2STAYHOME

PS: You can expect to work all OH- STAYHOME-numbers with sixty operators at controls, and OJ0A, 4U1UN and tens of other STAYHOME/STAYSAFE  stations.

Araucaria DX Group of Brazil, ZW5B  & Radio Arcala of Finland, OH8X jointly offer those high performing 63 event paricipants a lucky draw for one-week trip to Finland, iincluding the OH Summer Camp and DX-summer activities and visit to Arcala superstation OH8X. If you cannot stand for 24-hour daylight in Far North  you  may opt one-week trip to Brazil instead, including participation in CQ WW SSB or CW and a viist to PS2T or ZW5B super stations. (*) These trips are scheduled for 2021 because of the current coronavirus pandemic.

The top 30 multi-mode scores, top 5 single mode scores on each mode, and top 3 scores of each continent will receive an online certificate. The same group of sixty-three (63) scores will participate the above lottery. How do I qualify?  Just jump into deep water and swim as fast as you can!

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