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Class B Licence Course

MARS, Pat 3B8GF, together with Billy GM6DX, has made available an online study course for anyone interested in obtaining the Mauritius Class B amateur radio licence (RA24). This online course is entirely free and already open for registration.

The online course consists of 46 lessons in a mix of documents and videos. Subjects are; introduction to the B licence, B licence conditions, technical basics, antenna and feeders, propagation, operating procedures, safety including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), functioning of transmitters and receivers including software defined radio (SDR). Each section has a quiz to help the student check on progress. At the end of the course there are mock exams as a preparation to the full exam and a post-exam information section.

To register for this course: click on this link. Then click on the blue button marked “Enroll for Free“. Register with name, e-mail and create a password. Finally click on “Sign Up” and enter the course.