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School Satellite Project Progress

The Ground Station prototype kit that has been provided to many schools is the same that Jean Marc 3B8DU presented at the Radio -2019 workshop in Reunion Is. last year, see attached PDF document/slides: click to view.

The students of Professor Hassan Rafa SSS have constructed 3 antennas with kits prepared by Jean Marc 3B8DU as proof of concept. They have been able to receive many satellites such as Meteo birds, AO-73, AO-80, AO-92, Falconsat to name a few. This pilot stations (3) project was launched so that it may be extended to many schools by the Mauritius Research Council (MRC). The purpose of the project is to promote science and technology at school level and for the promotion of amateur radio hobby.

The Physics teacher at Forestside State Secondary School (SSS)  is leading a team of students for the reception of LEO satellites and later MIR-SAT1. Some of their captured images below.