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URGENT QO-100 Users

Urgent Message from AMSAT Forum
At 05:25-05:33 UTC, 2019-09-22 Alarms were triggered in the Es’hailSat satellite control center in Qatar due to High Power uplink on the NB transponder! Considering the safety of transponder they may SWITCH OFF the QO-100 transponder in case if it exceeds the limits again.

Please accept and respect the transponder guidelines rules and band plans. Please stop running high power, even not for experiments or try-out! If you want to test your power, please use a dummy load and power meter. Keep your Downlink strength at the same level as the CW Beacon, maximum one S-Unit above will be tolerated! Stay within the borders of the transponder. Do not transmit below the CW Beacon and do not transmit above the PSK Beacon! Please help everyone on QO-100 to adjust operation practices accordingly.

View guidelines on this link.