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Students Satellite Project

3B8DU Jean Marc reports that Hassan Raffa SSS students made their own (receive only) satellite Ground Station this week (see image left, click to enlarge), done under guidance, preliminary tests were very encouraging as they received 3 satellites, as follows:

  1. On VHF CAS-4A, 4800 GMSK telemetry received and decoded.
  2. On VHF AO-91, FM voice beacon clearly heard.
  3. On UHF Falconsat-3, 9600 GMSK telemetry received and decoded (See below image, click to enlarge).

More tests will be carried out in the coming days after installing the required software on the School PC. Note that with the prototype of this antenna/kit, reception of over 20 satellites from a balcony is possible.
This is a pilot case of a wider project to provide Ground Station kits to students in a large number of schools so that they may receive satellites signals and take part in the MIR-SAT1 project. Hopefully, this will attract students to become future Radio-Amateurs and thus a new generation of OM’s will be on the air. A superb opportunity to advertise the hobby, radio technology and science/engineering careers to the younger generation.
Click to view: Pilot Training on Satellite Receiving Station at Prof. Hassan Rafa SSS (from Mauritius Research Council)